Brand Identity,  Packaging Design 
Me Late Cacahuate is a brand of peanut butter I was asked to design. The name comes from a famous phrase used in Latin American countries, but it was slightly modified- originally that famous phrase is Me Late Chocolate, where Me Late means: I like the idea,  or  I agree, and chocolate is just word added because it rhymes. It is used to confirm that a person agrees with a proposal in a playful way. The word for peanut in Spanish is cacahuate, and because it has the same ending of chocolate, it could be easily replaced and still rhymed.
For the packaging, the client asked if I could design a reusable container, which would be easy to wash and durable. To be able to meet the client requirements, the packaging selection was a glass container with the logo screen printed and stickers that assured the customer the product was still not open. 
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